Investment portfolios

Forest4 Investments has two distinct investment plans to choose from. Both plans are structured with simplicity in mind so that even the newest of investors can interpret and leverage either plan to cultivate respectable profits.

Plan description

Terms of the plan 4% per day for 38 days
Interest charge: Monday - Friday
Total refund: 152% (52% of net profit)
Min - Max. withdrawal: $3 - No limit
Min - Max. deposit: $20 - $100000
Daily income 40 USD
Total Returns 1520 USD

Plan description

Terms of the plan 115% after 15 days
Interest charge: Monday - Sunday
Total refund: 115% (15% of net profit)
Min - Max. withdrawal: $3 - No limit
Min - Max. deposit: $20 - $100000
Total Returns 1150 USD
Net profit 150 USD

Plan Four

This investment plan runs for a term of 38 business days. The interest rate is 4% per day – paid from Monday through Friday – and will apply to all deposits regardless of how much you’ve deposited. During that term you should encounter 38 payment days, and that means by the time of expiry your total payments should have accumulated to 152%. That will mean your net profit is 52% as this investment plan include your principal. Upon expiry the interest would stop being credited unless you invest further.

Example: if you'd start with $1,000 deposit, you'll be credited $40 interest every 24 hours for 38 business days. After 25 business days you'll pass break even point with 100% back and upon expiry your balance will amount to a total of $1,520.

Plan 115

The second plan is less profitable but does have the advantage of paying you the profit it does offer a whole lot faster. You will receive exactly 115% return in total (even on non-business days). We require the same $20 minimum deposit in order to join, and the plan’s duration runs for 15 calendar days. On expiry of the term you are paid back 115% on your investment, principal included. Or to put it another way – your own money back plus 15% profit.

Simple example: If you'd start with $1,000 deposit in this plan, you'll be credited a total return of $1,150 after exactly 15 calendar days. Your net profit $150 and your principal of $1,000 will be automatically added into your account. You can then choose to withdraw or re-invest to increase your profits at anytime.