Who we are

Forest4 LTD is an English woodworking company, our production facilities are located in Canada and allow us to produce up to 200 million board feet of logs per year. This is not a large volume of industrial wood, but it s not in our plans to increase logging. We supply industrial wood for large US pulp mills, construction companies and furniture manufacturers in Canada. We have brought our advanced "self-fulfillment" (forest restoration) technology to perfection, which helps us to preserve nature, therefore it is worth cooperating with us for landlords, private landowners and manufacturing companies. Our waste-free production allows us manufacturing high-quality construction and furniture materials from wood waste. Eco-friendly fuel briquettes are made of wood dust.

Why private investment?

We draw 90% of money for the expansion of the company from banks, private investment amounts to 10% in cryptocurrency. Banks do not loan out in cryptocurrency. Private investors get more profit than banks, but they risk due to the cryptocurrency may fall, so the company’s management has made a decision about the big profits of investors. Forest4 LTD evolves and keeps up with the times, now we are invested in cryptocurrencies and we will be the first forest industry company to sell industrial wood for cryptocurrencies. This step will make our company more famous in the world.

Our goals

The production process currently brings 250-270% of investments from standing woods to our final goal (industrial woods). Investments are needed to organize production and business expansion of the company in the shortest possible time. Investors receive part of the profits, the rest goes to develop and maintain the company. Our goal is not to increase logging, but to increase profits by expanding production at the moment and we will achieve this in the shortest possible time. The company will produce paper and furniture from own raw materials, therefore we will have competitive prices on the market. We plan to increase profits to 400-430% due to the expansion of production.

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