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Plan description

Terms of the plan 4% per day for 38 days
Interest charge: Monday - Friday
Total refund: 152% (52% of net profit)
Min - Max. withdrawal: $3 - No limit
Min - Max. deposit: $20 - $100000
Daily income 40 USD
Total Returns 1520 USD

Plan description

Terms of the plan 115% after 15 days
Interest charge: Monday - Sunday
Total refund: 115% (15% of net profit)
Min - Max. withdrawal: $3 - No limit
Min - Max. deposit: $20 - $100000
Total Returns 1150 USD
Net profit 150 USD
The secret of success can not be bought or sold. In fact, there is no secret, and there is no simple way to become successful without hard work, failure, perseverance, and repeated attempts.
Oliver Norman General director

About Us

Forest4 LTD is an English woodworking company, our production facilities are located in Canada and allow us to produce up to 200 million board feet of logs per year. This is not a large volume of industrial wood, but it s not in our plans to increase logging. We supply industrial wood for large US pulp mills, construction companies and furniture manufacturers in Canada.

We have brought our advanced "self-fulfillment" (forest restoration) technology to perfection, which helps us to preserve nature, therefore it is worth cooperating with us for landlords, private landowners and manufacturing companies. Our waste-free production allows us manufacturing high-quality construction and furniture materials from wood waste. Eco-friendly fuel briquettes are made of wood dust. The production process currently brings 250-270% of investments from standing woods to our final goal (industrial woods). Investments are needed to organize production and business expansion of the company in the shortest possible time.


Thoughtful investment

Forest planting

Forest4 LTD uses its unique forest planting "self-fulfillment" technology aiming at the forest recreation after logging and forest fires. Our organization uses only bare-rooted seedlings, but not seeds at planting sites unlike other timber processing companies. Seeds are only used in our forest nurseries in Canada, thus we do this all year round. We have regular orders for planting developed seedlings after fires, or from private owners trying to increase the value of their land by virtue of planting valuable wood species.

We use only the mechanized method of planting with a right set distance between seedlings, as we work with large areas of plantings.

Thoughtful investment

Industrial wood

Production, processing and drying of cut and planed lumber are our main focus. The lumber is used everywhere in industry, as well as in everyday life and construction. Their demand is driven up and, accordingly, the price increases recently. We use trunks of almost any species to produce lumber. Our soft wood lumber is sent to our partners which construct quickly erectable houses in the United States.

Hard woods are used in high quality furniture manufacturing in Canada. Waste from the manufacturing process is used in the pulp industry and to produce chipboard furniture for middle-class people.

Personal Area

Investor's office

Our web site usability is one of the priorities in the development of our business. You need to go to the "Registration" page and fill in all the required fields in order to deposit. Then you should go to the "Deposit funds" tab, choose a payment system of your choice, enter an amount you want in the field and go to the payment system website. You can see the list of active deposits in the "My Deposits" tab. You can see the history of partner interests in the "Affiliate Program" tab. Go to the "Profile" tab if you have any problems with your personal data.

Contact our technical support if some data cannot be edited.



Forest4 LTD has a whole staff of specialists who work to ensure the security of customers’ data. The site has an SSL installed to prevent data leaks into the hands of intruders. Data encryption is carried out using a 256-bit key. Another advantage is that the certificate belongs to a legal entity. A thorough check is required of registration and tax documentation, as well as any information available on the company’s support staff, telephone, domain ownership and type of business in order to receive a GeoTrust’s EV SSL.

Note also that an EV SSL GREEN BAR can not be issued to an individual or individual entrepreneur, so you can be sure of the security of your data.

Five key benefits

You can track your investments online in your back office without leaving home
Earn up to 20% referral rewards using our multi-level affiliate program
Top notch Customer Service ready to help and fix the issue no matter the time
We accept the most popular e-currencies for deposits & withdrawals
Unique investments in cross-border opportunities across Europe, US & China

Investor Reviews

What investors say about Forest4

Thanks to the whole team of Forest 4 Investments for the opportunity to invest and earn.
Sophia Netherland, Amsterdam
Very promising investment fund. I invested on the first day of a huge amount. I believe in you.
Dong USA, California
I was in their office. Everything is fair and transparent. I advise all partners to invest money here.
July London, England
I invested in this company via cryptocurrency. Got a very good rate of interest.
Aadi India, New Delhi
All my team has already invested in this company. We wish you all good luck and prosperity.
Zuzana Russia, Moscow
The best offers for online investments in 2019. Invest - you will not regret!
Robert Norway, Bergen
My husband and I made an investment of $ 5,000 here. We know that the best investment offers are here.
Brittany Australia, Melbourne
I like to watch my deposit grow. And if necessary, you can quickly withdraw profits. All very easy and simple.
John England, Bath
Great company! My friends and I earn from the first days. Hurry and you. Everything is very cool.
Amelia Brazil, Rio de Janeiro
I invested in the company on the advice of a good friend. Very favorable conditions. All honest.
August Italy, Milan
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